Jar of Hearts

"Someone has to be alive to remember them. If they're not remembered, then it's like they never existed in the first place. And so, if not me, then who?" -Caroline Robinson, Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier is the thriller I have been waiting for!! This book reignited my love for all things sick and twisted in the literary world. The story is broken down into five parts that coincide with the five stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. I was immediately enamored with the characters in this novel. We have seen similar stories on the news or social media, a popular teenage girl goes missing, gone without a trace. What happened to Angela Wong? We quickly discover where Angela ended up, but as for how and why she ended up there, you'll want to clear your schedule to find out. This is a story about three high school best friends, Angela Wong who disappeared, Georgina Shaw a current high powered executive and, the male of the trio, Kaiser Brody who became a detective with the local police department. The lives of these richly developed characters is mostly depicted from Georgina's perspective but we are treated to Kaiser's POV at times and I loved being inside both of their minds. This is an engrossing and gratuitous tale of obsession, envy and murder and I was here for all of it. This book is the definition of unputdownable. When I turned the final page, I felt slack-jawed and awestruck. What did I just read? Thank you to every single bookstagrammer who put this on my radar, Chandra, Dennis, Dell, Shannon and Katie. THANK YOU!

I actually put this one on hold at my library but now that I know how utterly fantastic it is I am going to buy a copy for my bookshelves. Normally my library fails are due to not having read them before their return date. This time my library fail is due to the fact that I still plan to buy the book. Well done, Hillier!!

If you like dark and gritty reads the likes of Karin Slaughter, look no further, this is the thriller for you!

I give this one 5 gripping stars out of 5.

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