Little Broken Things

‘That was her job, after all: righter of wrongs, fixer of all things broken. It was what mothers did.’ - Liz, Little Broken Things

Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart is in the top spot for my favorite Women’s Fiction novel of 2017. This is a story of complex family dynamics and an exploration of motherhood. I fell in love with the characters Baart brought to life through realistic struggles and vivid imagery. Little Broken Things is a tale of the Sanford women and the men, in their lives. The story unfolds over a four-day period and is told in alternating points of view from the matriarch of the family, Liz Sanford, her two daughters, Nora Sandford and Quinn Cruz, and the final narrator a family friend, Tiffany Barnes. There are so many elements that Baart brought to the table on this one and they came together perfectly. If I had to pick a favorite aspect from the novel it would be the various examinations on motherhood. A few of the women are mothers and a few of them step into roles that resemble mothers and we get to see this unique aspect of such a difficult job that spans time, generations and situations. Life lessons were not lacking in this one. The bonus on this one was the edge of suspense that she creates surrounding a sweet little girl, Everlee. Nora surprisingly dumps Everlee with her sister, Quinn, the two are complete strangers. Why did Nora cut and dye Everlee’s hair? Why is she hiding her? Who is she hiding her from? This is a whirlwind of unstoppable drama in a small town that’s full of hurt and heart.

If you enjoy books that are believable yet still manage to suck you in, be sure you to grab a copy of Little Broken Things.

I give this one 4 fierce stars out of 5.

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