Wicked Gentleman

I was so excited to win a free digital copy of this one over on Instagram. Christy Pastore is a new-to-me author, but I will definitely be back for more from her!

Wicked Gentleman by Christy Pastore is a hot new contemporary romance that I couldn't get enough of. An accidental meeting between Jackson and Stevie set the tone for their swoon-worthy rendezvous. Jackson Hart happens to be the owner of Hart Hotels & Spa, complete with a golf course, and Stevie happens to have lost her assistant curator job at the museum, therefore needing a new source of income in a hurry. Stevie took a familiar job as a golf caddy at the hotel. I had tons of golf course nostalgia while reading this romance and this is actually the first 'golf romance' I have read, it was a refreshing take on the CEO/subordinate trope. Jax easily came across as a good guy. He never treated her as less and he always treated her with respect and kindness. Stevie was strong and confident and the fire that burned between the two was hot, hot, hot! I loved how unapologetic Jax was with regards to his feelings towards Stevie. This is a romantic duo who was easy to root for.

If you like steamy romance with strong females and smooth talking gentlemen, this one is for you!

I give this one 4 steamy stars out of 5.

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