The Queen of Hearts

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I had the highest of hopes for Kimmery Martin's The Queen of Hearts and she did not disappoint! I stumbled across the cover reveal for this one on Instagram and it blew me away. I didn't even know what the book was about at the time and I. HAD. To. Have. It. Fast forward a few months, I had the chance to learn more about the book and when it would be released and I knew this was right in my wheelhouse. I actually gifted my mom a copy, because I had a feeling she would love it, too. I read the first two pages and immediately texted my mom to drop whatever she was doing and buddy read this with me, and Salt Water Reads, the online book club I co-curate with Stacey Armand. Long story not short, my mom and I both loved it.

The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin is about friendship and betrayal with a whole lot of drama and medical excitement mixed in. The story is told in dual points of view, by friends Zadie and Emma, as well as in present day and through past events. The frequent change ups on the narrator perspectives and contrasting time frames almost made me loose my mind! Not because it was confusing, the story was easy to follow, but because just when I would get close to filling in a missing piece to the puzzle I had to flip to a different scenario. I immediately related to Zadie and couldn't get enough of her daughter, Delaney's shenanigans. This story had parts that were literally laugh-out-loud funny and others that broke my heart. I kept thinking I knew how it would turn out because Kimmery Martin would't break my heart like that... You'll have to read it for yourself to find out if Kimmery shattered my heart into a million pieces or if I still want to be friends with her.

If you enjoy stories with loads of medical jargon, think E.R. or Grey's Anatomy, lover's drama, female friendships, betrayal and forgiveness do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!

I give this one 4.5 stunning stars out of 5.

I was fortunate to attend a book launch in Houston, Texas where I was able to meet Kimmery Martin and my book club co-curator and dear friend, Stacey. It was seriously the best day. Kimmery was just as sweet and intelligent as she seems online. We had the pleasure of getting to hear her speak a bit about the process of writing and subsequently publishing her debut novel complete with cover story drama and what parts got nixed from the book. Turns out that for those of us that wanted more from the men in Zadie and Emma's lives, we weren't the only ones who did. A lot of those parts didn't make the cut and the cover that I fell madly in love with almost didn't make the cut either! Could you imagine? The launch party was exquisite. It was decorated by Art Indulgence Houston and they did a fantastic job. There were tables set up with each main character in mind, one for ' Zanny Zadie', 'Esoteric Emma' and 'Naughty Nick'. Each character's table was paired with a specialty cocktail and hand crafted artisan bonbons. I may or may not have spent the majority of the time at Naughty Nick's table where the Whiskey Sours and Burbon Truffles were endless. Yes, I know I shouldn't love him. I. Can't. Help. It. I love him anyway...

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