Text Me When You Get Home

"The women I love are like a life raft I didn't know I was looking for before I got on it." -Text Me When You Get Home

This. Book. Y'all.

I highlighted so many passages in this book that are relevant. I rarely read non-fiction, I rarely choose to read memoirs. I read the synopsis for this one on Goodreads and basically sprinted (figuratively, of course) over to Dutton to request a copy.

In a nutshell Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer is about the evolution of female friendship. From start to finish Schaefer breaks down female friendships into their basic form and then builds them up into the actual network they are in our lives. She breaks down stereotypes, such as 'mean girls', and dissects the evolution of female characters on film and tv. I found this read to be utterly captivating. I saw so much of my own life written out in these pages that it was easy for me to relate. I admit that I didn't always agree with everything she felt, but I did feel as though her foundation was solid.

Do you have friends that are always there for you? It can be several, it can be a few, it can be a group, but do you have friends that are there for you no matter what? No questions asked, if you need them they come? I do. The gravity of that statement isn't lost on me. I know how fortunate I am to have the amazing women in my life that I can call my friends. Friendship isn't just about being kind and saying what the other person wants to hear, its about listening and encouraging them to do better. It's about being honest, even when the truth isn't pretty. Having friends that celebrate life's victories with you as well as pick you up off the couch and push you out the door when you otherwise don't have it in you to do so, is vital.

"Life is hard. No one ever tells you that." -Text Me When You Get Home

If you enjoy memoirs that read as if they could be your diary, take a trip down memory lane and read this book.

I give this one 4 triumphant stars out of 5.

Here is my thank you to the humans in my life that have cultivated my person...

Thank you to my parents. I grew up in a home with a mom, a dad and 4 older brothers. That's a lot of testosterone. I never felt as though I was less because I wasn't a male. I was raised to believe that I could be anything I wanted to be. I wasn't sent off to college to get a Mrs. degree. I was sent with the same hopes that my brothers were sent off with before me. I saw my mom work hard to go back to school after she had us. I saw my mom graduate college and become a teacher. I saw both of my parents work full time jobs to support 5 kids. I saw my mom regularly have girl's night with her friends. I saw my brothers choose to marry strong independent women. Thank you to my parents and my brothers for always believing in me and never expecting less for me than you did of yourselves.

Thank you to my friends for being my life raft. I have friendships from back home that span decades. I have friends that I met in college that I continue to see regularly. I have mom friends, that I wouldn't otherwise have met if not for the mutual connection of motherhood.

Last, but certainly not least I must thank my Husband. I married a man y'all that supports me in anything I ever hope to do. I somehow managed to snag one of the good ones.

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