Next Year in Havana

"She loved Havana, even after it broke her heart." - Next Year in Havana

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton is a love story about Cuba. Cleeton writes about Cuba in dual timelines, one is a love letter to a Cuba that is long gone and one is a love letter to what Cuba is and all that it could be. Get ready to fall in love with the island of Cuba, its culture, its people and its past. One timeline is told by Elisa as a 19 year old in Cuba in the late 1900's and the other is present day told by her granddaughter, Marisol. This piece of historical fiction is the history lesson you won't learn in school. Chanel Cleeton brought this island to life and swept me off my feet. I easily connected with Marisol, we are both romantic dreamers. There are many strong women characters in this story. You will grieve with them. You will have the will to fight with them. You will be heart broken with them. You will hope for change right along side them. The life lessons in this one are overflowing. We learn about loyalty, to your family and your country. We learn about speaking up instead of being invisible. We learn about love and bravery and hope.

"Do we all dare hope for more? Of course." -Next Year in Havana

If you love books that inspire you and serenade your soul, this one is not to be missed.

I give this 4.5 charmingly heartbreaking stars out of 5.

If you missed my release day blast post, you can read all the details for Next Year in Havana here.

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Stacey Armand and I have chosen Next Year in Havana as the February read for our Instagram book club, Salt Water Reads. We would love to have you read with us.

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