Killman Creek

'I'm too broken to be broken anymore.' -Gwen, Killman Creek

Rachel Caine's Stillhouse Lake Series is on fire. I know we are only two books into this incredible series, but I could not love it more. You might remember a few months back when I shared my gushing review of book one, Stillhouse Lake. It went on to make my 2017 most memorable reads list. Caine set the bar high for this series with it's debut and the follow up, Killman Creek, does. not. disappoint.

Killman Creek is written in multiple POV's. We get a peek inside the minds of Gwen, her kids, Lanny and Conner, as well as Sam. We pick up where Gwen Proctor and her family left off at the cliff-hanger from book one. They no longer feel safe in the one place they finally found refuge from her ex husband and psychotic serial killer, Melvin Royal. Gwen has to make difficult decisions when it comes to her childrens' safety as well as her own. The web of psychos and the abundance of deceit are woven far and wide in this tale of the hunted becoming the hunter. Which hunter reigns victorious at the end?

This series is addictive and not to be missed. Once again, ALL. The. Stars. This book truly is unputdownable. Book three, Wolfhunter River, is expected to release at the end of 2018. Thankfully this one doesn't have a drastic cliff-hanger like book one, but I am still dying to read the next in this series. I have become fully invested in the lives of these characters and I can't wait to see where they go next.

Thanks again to the Criminally Good Book Club on Instagram for another phenomenal selection.

I give Killman Creek 5 thrilling stars out of 5!

Thank you to Amazon Publishing for providing me with this free review copy at my request, all opinions are my own.

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