The Social Affair

'The reality of who someone is online and the reality of who that person is in real life are often two different things.' - Izzy, The Social Affair

Britney King's The Social Affair is so realistic it's frightening. This is likely my favorite Britney King novel to date. She pushes the boundaries without going too far. We follow the lives of seemingly the perfect couple and their family, as well as an outside character who becomes obsessed with following their lives on social media. Does the obsession end there? I have a feeling you can guess the answer to that question. The Social Affair is about more than cyber stalking though. It reveals how easy it is to find someone based off their social media posts, the horrors that are cyber bullying and how the 'perfect marriage' or the 'perfect life' is often anything but perfect. This tale of obsession will have you hooked and catch you off guard. There were more than a few moments that left me furious with some of the characters and their behaviors. In true book-lover-fashion I was left wanting a bit more. I will say that I absolutely loved the ending, I felt as though she wrapped up the dose of karma I wanted to personally dish out with a messy bow. However, there were other aspects of the story that I became fascinated with and I would love to have gone deeper into those. I know, I'm selfish. I can admit it. I wanted to know more about the church cult they attended and more about Josh, Izzy's previous partner. However, those are just two aspects that I personally want to know more about and not knowing them doesn't at all take away from the story.

Please be advised that spousal abuse is present in this novel.

I give The Social Affair 4.5 obsessive stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author, Britney King, for providing me with a free review copy. All opinions are my own.

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