Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown is a tension filled mystery that will keep you guessing through to the very end. This is a well-paced, slow burn type of read. As you read about the disappearance and life of Billie Flanagan you slowly gather the pieces of who Billie might have been. This is a tale full of deception, grief stricken loved ones and the various emotions one goes through after a loved one goes missing and their secrets are brought to light. We get to learn about how her husband, Jonathan, and their teenage daughter, Olive, cope with Billie’s disappearance and their struggle to find peace and truth. There is a suspicion of clairvoyance with Olive, that will keep you confused and curious. Billie’s husband, Jonathan, is writing a memoir about his late wife. I am a huge fan of the book-within-a-book concept, this allows you to break away from the present story and get a glimpse into another time with hints as to how the characters possibly ended up where they are now. I will say that I suspected the ending from the beginning, despite being thrown off course several times. I really enjoyed Olive’s character simply because I can imagine how difficult it must be to be a teenager without a mom. I also sympathized with Jonathan’s character as well. I had a bit of trouble relating to Billie, her past and her more recent self never really impressed me. What I loved most was that at the end of the book Billie’s fate truly still could have gone any number of ways and it wasn’t until you read the epilogue that you knew with certainty how it played out. Watch Me Disappear starts off slow but trust me, the suspicion and anticipation will build as the story unfolds.

If you love tension-building mysteries with an ending that could go more than one way, this book is for you.

I give this one 4 deceptive stars out of 5.

I actually read this as a buddy read with the lovely Lauren Bishop, author of Bleeding Heart which I have in my to be read pile.

My book bestie Stacey Armand and I also chose Watch Me Disappear for our Salt Water Reads book club on Instagram for October!

There is more exciting book news, Watch Me Disappear has been optioned for film by The Gotham Group. They are a Hollywood production company with a track record for book-to-film adaptations!

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