Pipsie, Nature Detective: Turtle Trouble

Thanks to the #kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book – all opinions are my own.

Pipsie, Nature Detective: Turtle Trouble by Rick DeDonato is a fun and educational tale that will captivate children as young as pre-k up through first or even second grade. This is a story about Pipsie’s and Alfred Z. Turtle’s investigation into what caused Alfred’s stinky, sticky, painful bump on his foot. Together they travel through the park to recreate their earlier activities in order to find clues and ultimately determine what bit Alfred’s foot. I absolutely loved this story and so did my kindergartener. There was a delightful combination of mystery, nature, science, facts and fun! Through the observations of Pipsie and Alfred we were able to rule out or confirm what insects or environmental elements caused Alfred’s sticky, stinky, painful bump. I loved the Pipsie and Alfred characters. They were funny, smart and inquisitive. There were educational facts sprinkled throughout the plot as well as a great section in the back with ‘fun facts’ about the bugs and insects we encountered in the story. The illustrations in the book are wonderful, they are bright and fun with the perfect amount of maturity for the reading audience. This is the third book in the series and now I plan to add the entire collection to my home library for my boys to enjoy for years to come.

If your children enjoy adventurous, investigative stories this is the perfect book for them!

I give Pipsie, Nature Detective: Turtle Trouble 5 mysterious stars out of 5!

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