Broken Bay

September 7, 2017


Broken Bay by Andrea Dunlop was a fast-paced novella. 


First off, I must mention the cover, it is stunning.  This book is sold as an Ebook only.  I entered every giveaway I could find for a print copy, I finally managed to snag one.  I just had to have the cover on my bookshelf. 


Broken Bay is a good mix of chick lit, a side of suspense with a touch of paranormal.  This story is about a Bride and her bridesmaids going away for a celebratory bachelorette weekend. The ladies in the story are easily relatable, it feels like a group of old girl friends you could connect with.  I enjoyed the chick lit aspect of this one the most.  The bridesmaids have a mixture of personalities that sometimes clash and cause tensions to rise, but also manage to bare secrets and find common ground and understanding.  The suspense aspect was my second favorite, a missing bride… my curiosity was peaked.  I am not much for paranormal reads but I found this aspect not to be greatly overdone, so I was thankful for that. 


Broken Bay is the perfect selection if you are looking for a quick and easy read.


I give this one 3 fun and easy stars out of 5.

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