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Pepipacifoofoo by Theda Fresques is a fun story about a pacifier fairy. As a Dental Hygienist and Mom I read this book from both a dental professional standpoint and a parent’s perspective. Pepipacifoofoo is like the concept of the tooth fairy. Instead of exchanging lost teeth for money, she swaps outgrown pacifiers for special gifts. Once a child is old enough to no longer need their pacifier they place it in an envelope to give back to Pepipacifoofoo so that she can pass them on to new babies to help them sleep. I think the story is a wonderful way to encourage older children to say good-bye to their pacifier. As a mom, I know that encouragement can help your child be more inclined to cooperate. In this case, by passing off their pacifier in exchange for an exciting new present or to help soothe a new baby it could be that extra push your child needs to give it up. I liked the fact that the fairy wanted the pacifiers returned at age 2, as a dental hygienist I would also recommend that pacifiers no longer be used past age two, preferably sooner. The author also illustrated the book and I think the illustrations are age appropriate. The pictures are sweet and simple and the overall concept is easy to follow. If you need help kicking the pacifier habit before it starts causing damage to your child’s bite this is a great story to read to your kids.

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