Mrs. Saint and the DEFECTIVES

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‘“It’s not how we got here,” she said as she went. “Or even that we are here. It’s where we go from here.”’ Patty, Mrs. Saint and the DEFECTIVES

I was expecting Mrs. Saint and the DEFECTIVES by Julie Lawson Timmer to be a fun, quirky, summer read; it was surprisingly so much more than that. I will admit that the book started off slow for me. There were several characters, and it took time to introduce them all and develop their characters which made the story move at a gradual pace. The overall story though, has a huge pay off in the end and as I reflect on the story as a whole, there are so many important lessons woven in the pages that should not be missed.

Markie, the main character, is going through a difficult life change at the start of the book. How do you reconcile the life you dreamed you would have, a successful and attractive husband, the perfect marriage, an amazing house and career, with the reality of how it is actually unfolding? We get to follow along with Markie, her son and their new neighbors as they all figure themselves out. Markie is caught a few times ‘looking the other way’ when it comes to her marriage and her son. Is ignorance bliss in Markie’s case or does it end up being a catastrophe? You’ll have to read to find that out. I find that most of us are a bit like Markie, sometimes we would rather not know some things, be quick to blame or lack understanding of others, which is why I believe she is easily relatable. I can’t share much of the neighbor’s, Mrs. Saint’s, story without completely spoiling the ending for you. I will say that she is nosy and crosses all neighborly boundaries with zero regards for Markie’s wishes to be left alone. Why is Mrs. Saint this way? What is she trying to accomplish? All of these questions will be answered with a powerful ending to the book. Julie Lawson Timer left me with a bleeding heart over the ending of this book. If slow starts aren’t your thing either I urge you to power on, this ending is not be missed.

‘”Are we not all Defectives?” She said. “And can we not all be saviors?”’ Simone, Mrs. Saint and the DEFECTIVES

I give this one 4 surprising starts out of 5.

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