Read. Rate. Review.

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I created this graphic to use on the Salt Water Reads Book Club page, that I co-curate with Prose and Palate.

You've purchased the book AND read the book, now what???

Review it!!

We absolutely love the authors of the books we read. We knew it was important to help give them and their books as much exposure and buzz as we can. YOU too, can help do this.

Did you know one of the best ways to support an author and their work is to review it and talk about it with others? Post your reviews on Goodreads, Amazon & your blog. Post book buzz on your Instagram, Twitter & Facebook pages.... recommend it to your friends.

Doing all of these things helps to drive the book's ranking up and gives the author more exposure. Your review can be just a few sentences telling other readers why you enjoyed the book, what moved you, why you think others would like reading it etc.

Supporting authors with written reviews is one way to make sure that our TBR piles will always be full of amazing new books.

You can add your full review on Goodreads anytime. If the book is on Goodreads you can add a review.

You can add your full review to Amazon once the book has been released. This means if you were fortunate enough to receive an ARC of the book you will need to wait until release day to post your review. Can I post a review on Amazon if I didn't buy the book from Amazon? YES!! Yes, you can! If you need help with instructions on how to do this please, please, please email me or send me a DM on one of my social media platforms. I would love to walk you through it. I promise it's not difficult.

Don't have a blog? No problem. Post a review and rating wherever you can. The authors appreciate it, I promise.

Bottom line. We love books, am I right? Tell an author thank you today, by writing a review of their book.

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