Final Girls

Final Girls by Riley Sager is the edge-of-your-seat heart-pounding thriller you have been waiting for. Get ready for a twisted tale of horror and deceit. Final Girls is told in alternating perspectives, both in present day events and flashbacks. You can follow along Quincy Carpenter’s present-day life, life after she became a ‘Final Girl’. You are also able to have insight into the past, how she became a ‘Final Girl’ and what that means. Horrific events occurred 10 years ago to forever alter Quincy’s life and prior to that, horror struck the lives of both Lisa Milner and Samantha Boyd. These three girls-turned-women are now bonded together as survivors of heinous massacres. As you fly through the pages of Riley Sager’s masterpiece you will try to uncover what happened all those years ago and what horrors lie in wait as the truths unravel. All the praise for Sager’s Final Girls, a compulsive read that is truly unputdownable.

I give this one 5 horrifically good stars out of 5.

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Enjoy the book trailer below plus a few teasers if you need an extra push to click 'buy it now'.

Introducing the Final Girls...

Meet Lisa Milner, the sorority-girl-turned-massacre-survivor. Her bubble burst a long time ago. Unfortunately, Lisa doesn't get away a second time.

Meet Samantha Boyd, the wild card. You don't escape the Sack Man by being a goody two-shoes. You better sleep with one eye open around this Final Girl.

Meet Quincy Carpenter, our heroine. She's a survivor and a badass.

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