“She associated Eden with love and tradition, a link between the generations…”

Eden, by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg is a masterfully woven tale of history, hope and desperation crossing multiple generations. In her poignant debut, Blasberg gives you all the feels. This book has a historical fiction air to it with the flashbacks to family life in the 1900’s including hardships during WWII. Throughout the pages you’re able to follow the Meister and Fitzpatrick family dramas that transcend generations. I loved the way Jeanne Blasberg depicted difficult situations and how they were ‘taken care of’ in the mid 1900’s as opposed to how society has evolved over the years and the same situations are no longer consider taboo. Families have secrets, they have struggles and sometimes those dysfunctional family aspects get passed down from generation to generation.

Eden, the home, represented paradise and a new beginning after a difficult time for Bunny and Sadie, the beginning of the generations at Eden. Bunny had hopes for his family just as any husband and father might. A series of unexpected circumstances alters the course of their lives and the lives of their children, which in turn changes the course of the lives of their grandchildren. Follow along as this multi-generational story unfolds over the years. Who has a secret? What is the secret?

If you enjoy heart-rending tales full of family history and hope, Eden is for you!

I give this one 4.5 unforgettable stars out of 5.

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