the Arrangement

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn is unapologetically audacious and amusing. This book is absolutely perfect for your book club. Trust me, you will want to buddy read this with someone so that you can chat along the way, and at the end. I cannot remember the last time I literally laughed out loud at a book this much.

Is it possible that the ‘The Secret’ of married life is agreeing to an ‘arrangement’ in which the parties involved are allotted a ‘free pass’? This book will explore so many different emotions that one could possibly go through as a result of issuing, or partaking in the ‘free pass’. It’s easy to imagine why someone might have an affair. The giddiness of new love and responsibility free rendezvous, who wouldn’t enjoy that? You can also sympathize with someone who has realized that their marriage isn’t quite what they thought it would be. Life happens, it changes you and your lover. When you start out in a relationship you aren’t necessarily taking into consideration the things that will change as the moments and the years go by. Life is a series of events, some of them are easy and wonderful and some of them are hard and challenging. Growing up, growing old it means taking the good with the bad even if the bad seems to outweigh the good. The Arrangement will make you take a hard look at the difficulties faced by more than one marriage and family. It is hilariously funny all while exploring something as devastating as infidelity.

If you are looking for the perfect summer comedy that will having you laughing out loud, look no further. Grab a friend or your book club and read The Arrangement, it’s sure to bring about thought-provoking conversations.

I give the Arrangement by Sarah Dunn 4.5 hilariously shocking stars out of 5.

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