The Salt House

"So much of life is just finding that balance. The balance of holding on and letting go."

Lisa Duffy's debut novel, The Salt House, is emotionally enthralling. We are able to deeply connect with each member of the Kelly family throughout the pages of their story. You feel for them, you hurt when they hurt and you smile when they have reason to smile. The Kelly family is learning to cope through the hurt and pain of an unbearable loss. With something as tragic as the loss the Kelly's live through, it's hard to imagine what you will do. Duffy beautifully portrays grief, unconditional love and learning how to bear through the unbearable. This novel gripped my soul and pulled at all of my heartstrings, the ones that say I am a daughter, I am a Wife and I am a Mother. What they go through is a parent's worst nightmare, how do you hold yourself, your family together? How do you mesh the 'before we became who we are now' with the 'who we are now'? Get ready to fall in love with the Kelly family.

The resounding message I took away from Lisa Duffy's phenomenal debut is written right in the pages. "You are not alone..." Every person can relate to this. There are times that we all need this reminder, regardless what we are facing. We are stronger together and we are never alone.

I give this 5 compelling stars out of 5.

I would like to extend a grateful thank you to the author, Lisa Duffy, for sending me a signed copy in exchange for an honest review. I would also like to thank Touchstone Books for partnering with myself and several of my Instagram BFF's to host a giveaway.

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