The Map That Leads to You

“Have you ever heard someone say that books are places we visit and that when we run into people who have read the books we have read, it’s the same as if we had traveled to the same location?”

The Map That Leads to You by J. P. Monninger is a book that will transport you on a European adventure. The book is so well written that with each new location and experience, as a reader you are so engrossed that you feel as though you are there in that same moment. It was a romantic travel experience that took you on unexpected adventures. It was charming and surprising in ways that you don’t expect.

“Everyone is climbing, and I’m not sure where people are climbing to be or to get to.”

As Jack is teaching Heather how to get so much more out of life, to abandon her comfort zone and live freely they take you on experiences by way of the roads less traveled. The places they visit along the way aren’t the traditional touristy sight-seeing locations you expect. The lesser known, yet seemingly more charming and romantic locations will make you wish you were visiting these places too.

“Great love inevitably carries great loss.”

The Map That Leads to You is an amazing tale of unexpected love and incredible friendships. The friendships between Heather and her best friends is one for the books, they are incredibly supportive and they bite their tongues, even when it’s difficult. The love story between Jack and Heather is a dream come true, or is it really with the secret Jack is keeping?

If you love the slow burn of a charming and unforgettable romance, The Map That Leads to You was written for you. It was an epic love story that transcends time, but it moved too slowly for my preference.

I give this 4 romantic stars out of 5.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press for the arcs of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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