Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge by Britney King is Dexter meets Monster! The book opens with a glimpse into the ending and then immediately flips back to start at the beginning. I loved the fact that the book wasn't entirely written in linear fashion. In addition to the unique writing style, the first book in The Water Trilology is told in dual viewpoints and the two protagonist are extremely complex characters. This means you have to pay attention and stay focused on the character developments to keep up. The pay off is well worth it. You're going to be investing three books into these characters, the more you know the richer the story. How do I know you'll be investing in all 3 books? You might have a love-hate relationship with Jude and Kate, but in the end you don't trust them enough to leave them alone. You have to follow them, to keep an eye on them. They are certainly unpredictable. What will they do next? I for one am about to find out by jumping into Dead in the Water, book two. • If you enjoy books with intricate and psychotic characters and story lines with secrets at every turn, then this book is for you! I give Water Under the Bridge 4.5 killer stars out of 5

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