I chose Startup as my April selection from Book of the Month Club. Sometimes you pick up a book and its everything you hoped it would be. Sometimes you pick up a book and its not at all like you hoped it would be... The latter was my experience with Startup. It was categorized as 'entertaining, full of humor and office drama." I didn't get much of that from this book. This particular book didn't work for me, but several fellow bookstagrammers enjoyed it.

This book had some good qualities over all, however, it was just not quite enough for me. Let’s start with the best bits, this book is basically a peek into the lives of millennials and their (unrealistic) expectations. I found most of the book to be completely believable. I can imagine the tech industry behaving the way these characters did. Our culture seems to be following the trend spelled out in this novel, that work should be fun and there should be so many perks to your job that it doesn’t feel like a job. It was an easy and fast paced read which is what I was looking for, but it lacked the humor and depth I was hoping for. The ending felt like it was lacking, almost as if there should be more to the story. I didn’t find the characters particularly relatable or memorable for that matter. The women in the book seem whiny yet entitled and the men were classic jerks- every single one of them. This one left me a bit disappointed.

I give this 3/5 stars

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