I Let You Go

This book starts out heart wrenching and then briefly I worried where exactly the book was going. Was it going to be monotonous chapter after chapter? NO! The answer is unequivocally no! Books with twists are The. Best. Kind. This one has more than one surprise and that scores major points when I am investing myself in a story. I Let You Go has multiple heart-pounding moments and you think you might actually drop the book in disbelief. At times I wanted to shout in anger 'enough is enough!' If you like books that will shock you and engage your emotions then grab this book from your tbr pile and don't let go!

I am actually a huge fan of the paper back cover of this one, much more so than the hardcover. Go check it out, you need this one on your bookshelf!

I give this 4.5 gripping stars out of 5


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