His Bloody Project

Historical Fiction isn't typically my genre of choice. I read this book as part of the Criminally Good Book Club's March selection. I am so glad I joined along for this one. This has me considering other HF titles. His Bloody Project was incredibly well written. I will say that its lack of chapters was a bit off putting at first; however, I quickly adapted to it and by the end I didn't even miss the traditional breaks. The book is greatly narrated by the protagonist in the form of his memoir and I truly enjoyed this style of writing. I was torn in many directions upon the conclusion of this book. Part of me was angry at the injustice the defendant and his family were subjected to throughout their lives and the lack of opportunities they had available to them. Another part of me was heartbroken for the losses that occurred throughout the book and not only for the ones at the hand of the defendant. Lastly, I was confused by the heinous acts carried out by the defendant. One of the murders seems 'justified' but the others are unimaginable and unforgivable. The trial leaves you wondering if the motive provided by the defendant is even true or if the motive provided by the opposition is the truth. I wanted to like the accused and at times I really did, but some of the acts provided in court via the autopsy discovery made it difficult. He was only 17 and his life was set out for him from the moment he was born. My heart was in turmoil over the outcome of this book.

I give this book 4 intriguing stars out of 5

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