All the Missing Girls

First of all, I need to say that I had the privilege of meeting Megan Miranda and a local indie bookstore called Murder by the Book. She signed my copy of All the Missing Girls and hew newest novel The Perfect Stranger. She was so nice y'all. I went to the signing with my Mama and my SIL and we had a great girls night. If you have the opportunity to do a meet and greet with her, DO IT! I learned so much about her writing style and I can certainly see why her debut adult novel was right up my alley.

This was actually chosen as the Target Club Pick for February 2017 and I chose it for my own book club in May.

I was recommending this book before I even finished it. I had some reservations going into reading this book due to some of the reviews. I think that might have actually helped me enjoy this book more so than if I hadn't been a bit leary going into it. One of the common warnings was that it had an 'interesting writing style'. Does it? Yes, the book is actually written in reverse. I would also say that classifies it as 'interesting' and dare I say intriguing. Throughout each Day (chapter) you discover pieces of the story but they don't exactly fit together with the rest of what you know because you are still missing other pieces of the puzzle. I had several different theories on what happened and who was to blame. I was wrong Every. Single. Time. The way this story unfolded was refreshing for me, because it was a bit different than the typical linear story unfolding. This was a page turner with a surprise ending that leaves you a bit devastated, I highly recommend disappearing in this book.

I give this book 4.5 suspenseful stars out of 5

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