The Breakdown

April 22, 2017


Ohmygosh! This book was seriously so good. The Breakdown is a psychological thriller that will not disappoint! It's the kind of book you don't want to read while home alone. B. A. Paris created a paranoia that was palpable. My mind was trying to make sense of the revelations and this book actually made me feel paranoid and crazy myself. I was a huge fan of Behind Closed Doors and this one is equally impressive. If you are a fan of books that have you so immersed in the story that you feel you are losing your mind, this one is definitely for you! #whocanyoutrust


I was privileged to receive an Advance Reader's Edition of The Breakdown from St. Martin's Press and an ebook copy through NetGalley.  I am thrilled that I have both Behind Closed Doors, which is B.A. Paris' debut novel, and now I can add her second knock-out title to my bookshelf.  


Pre-order your copy NOW! Do. Not. Wait.  This one publishes on July 18th!! 


I give this book 5 crazy good stars out of 5

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