I’m a Lucky Lady crazy in love with my better half, my Husband, the one who got just a bit more than he bargained for all those short {long} years ago.  We live in the great state of Texas and I’m a crazy busy stay-at-home Mommy to our two sweet preschool aged boys! I’m also a Dental Hygienist, on hold, who is currently giving the money makers {my hands} a break while I immerse myself in all the things {boy} mamas do. I do miss cleaning up dirty mouths something fierce, but not enough to go back…yet.

When it comes to books and reading, my thoughts are basically, ‘I need alllll the books’.  My home library {both mine and my boys’} is overflowing with abundance.  My ‘to be read’ pile’s status is ‘All Hope is Lost’.  I still need alllll the books… Can you blame me? There is no such thing as too many books.  There are so many great authors and books to discover and share with the world.  I have a book with me always, you never know when you might get a few minutes to sneak in some bonus pages.  My favorite genres are Psychological Thrillers, Chick Lit {Women’s Fiction} and Romance. I mean who doesn’t love romance? I’m a hopeless romantic.

Pull up a seat, grab an ice cold Coca-Cola and let’s talk books & such, shall we?